Born in Rakkestad, Esbjerg or Tune, Smaalene (Østfold). He was a tailor.

Children of Peder Mathisen:

1. Peder (Teacher)
2. Christian
3. Anders
4. Anne (No Children)
5. Inger (Married a gaardsman (farmer) Liane, He inae.)
6. Mathis Pedersen Ager - Born 1782

Served as a "Fanejunker" (Ensign) in both the wars of 1807 and 1814. He was a strong, husky man and worked as a laborer at "Borregarrd" (farm) and married the "Husjomfrue" (head housekeeper) there. Her name was Marie Berg, and she was from Esbjerg. His brother Christian married "Budeien" (Dairy Maid), and his other brother married the "Stuopige" (Housemaid) on the same farm. When he was 72 years old, he married his second wife. He died in 1874 at the age of 92 years. He is buried at Tune, Norway. His five sons acted as pallbearers at his funeral.
Children of Mathis Pedersen Ager and Marie Berg:

1. Elizabeth (Several Children)
2. Hans Peter

Lived in Clinton, Iowa, and died there in about 1916. He traveled for many years with the "Hi Henry Minstrel Shows" as a musician. He had several children.
1. Clara (Married, lived in Clinton)
2. Gina (Married a Skipper, a captain of a ship, Ness from Tønsberg.
3. Alfred ("Skipper", captain of a ship, and later worked as a "Toldvasen" (Customs officer in Oslo.))
4. Karoline (Married to a "Slagtemester" (Butcher) at Horton.)
5. Johan (Died in California)
6. Nettie (Married to a J. Reinertson, in Chicago.)
3. Elen (Had two sons, one lived in England)
4. Alexander
Lived in Oslo. Alexander married twice, Daughter from first marriage, Anna unmarried. He had several children from his second marriage.
1. Sigurd (Bank Book-keeper. Died)
2. Haarkon (Left for America, and disappeared.)
3. Harold (Architect, in Oslo.)
4. Einar Ager
5. Elvira
5. Johan Thøger (Lives in Sarpsborg, Norway)
6. Christian (Never married. Died)
7. Ole Jørgen (Seven or eight children, Axel and Valborg are two of them)
8. Martinius Mathisen Ager
Born September 12, 1834 in Skjeberg, Norway Died 1896 in Chicago, Illinois.
1. Johan (Born March 31, 1858 or 1859)
2. Anna (Born February 17, 1861 ??? Died November 9th the same year)
3. Valdemar (Born April 15, 1864 Died at 1 year and 9 months. Accidental death.)
4. Camilla (Born October 6, 1866 Died February 16, 1961 in Florida)
5. Valdemar Theodor (Born March 23, 1869 Died August 1, 1941)
6. Anna (Born May 27, 1871 Died at birth)
7. Anna (Born September 9, 1872 Died a f??? days later)
8. Ferdinand Julius (Born may 17, 1874 Died December 1884)
Note - Hans Peter (Father's Uncle) was brought up on the Berg Farm, no doubt by the grandmother's people, because her name was Berg. He used the name Berg, and lived in Clinton, Iowa. Mathinius (father's father) was brought up on the farm (Liane) by his father's sister (his aunt). The other brothers went by the name of Mathisen. The ??? died when his father was 10 or 11 ??? about 1845.