This letter was written by Nancy and Keith Heinrich in a Christmas card to William Ager
(Christmas 1998)

What a delight to hear from you! We were so excited to get your information and it was timely as we were going to Beloit to visit Keith's brothers Jerry and Paul the very day it came.

Of course we took it with and the Heinrich boys and families were thrilled to read about the HEINRICH-BECKER family.

I later made copies to send to Jerry and Paul in Beloit and sister Barb Bliss in Arkansas.

Brother Duane died in '95 (1993) and brother Earl is the wonderer, never know where he is or if he is dead or alive. Has done that for all the years I can remember.

As for "mom" (Mildred Quintrell Heinrich Doughenbough) she died in 1986. Mom married Joe Doughenbough in 1955 but is buried in East Lawn next to the kid's dad, Carl Jr.

Aunt Louise, what a wonderful person. I started dating Keith in 1951 and we used to visit Aunt Louise as Keith thought so much of the Shea family.

I remember "mom" telling stories how Aunt Louise, Aunt Florence and Grandma Heinrich would come to her place on Sundays for the Sauer Braten and Kleze or Hausen Pheffer. After the meal, mom, Aunt Louise and Aunt Florence would be in the kitchen doing dishes and singing. One song they sang was "HERE WE ARE, WORKING IN THE KITCHEN AND BANGING ON POTS AND PANS." Mom said they would actually bang on the pots and pans and Grandma Heinrich would tell them in German to be more quiet.

Keith tells me Grandma Heinrich taught him to count and to say grace in German. He said she was a wonderful dignified lady and the children were all in awe of her and always on their best behavior in her presents. (I'm trying to write to fast)

To this day all of us "daughter in laws", Dee (Jerry's wife), myself, and of course Barbara all make Sauer Braten and Klaze the old Heinrich way handed down from Grandma Heinrich.