By Homer P. Hebert

May 1986

The following is from my memory and investigation of the family of William and Susan (Beitweiler) Mayer.

In 1857 William and Susan Mayer left the area of Duran, Germany for the United States, bringing with them their three children and Susan Mayer's mother, Elizabeth Beitweiler (1790-1867), whose husband died in Germany. The three Mayer children born in Germany are: Magdolen, Susan and John. Mary, the fourth child, was born in 1858 after the arrival of the Mayer family in the United States. After a long journey they arrived by boat at Eau Claire, Wis. From Eau Claire, they walked the eighteen or twenty miles to Tilden where they built their log cabin about 1-1/2 miles south of St. Peters Catholic Church. William Mayer's trade was blacksmith. He followed that trade in Tilden. William Mayer (1814-1870) was killed in a two-horse team runaway accident twelve years after his arrival in Tilden. Susan Mayer (1814-1875) lived only five years after her husband, William's death.


Magdalen Mayer (1848-1928) married Nickalus Meinen (1834-1916). He was the son of Johann Peter Meinen and Margaret Utters born in Kirchweiler, Germany. He arrived in Tilden in 1854.

Born to this union are:

William Meinen (1866-1946) married Alphonsina Blair (1872-1948)

Susan Meinen (1869-1881) - diphtheria

Peter Meinen (1871-1918) married Anna Stoffel (1873-1954)

John Meinen (1875-1881) - diphtheria

Theresa Meinen (1877-1951) married John Stoffel (1866-1929)

Bernard Meinen (1882-1938) married Catherine Boos (1888-1924)

Joseph Meinen (1885-1952) never married

Louis Meinen (1890-1967) married Mary Riesterer (1891-1977)

Like their parents the Meinen and Stoffel families all farmed in the Tilden and Cooks Valley areas.


Susan Mayer (1851-1877) married Leon Barthiaume (1845-1905), born in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Born to this union are:

Charles Barthiaume (1874-1967) married Mary Duax (1878-1963). Their home was at 113 West Cedar St., Chippewa Falls, WI. Charles was always in sales. For thirty years he operated the B&H Oil Burner Engineers firm.

Anna Barthiaume (1876-1953) married Micheal Meagher (1865-1939). The Meagher family lived in Cloquet and Duluth, Minn. most of their married lives.

Alvira Barthiaume (1877-1948) never married; she lived at Eagleton and Chippewa Falls her entire life.


John Mayer (1855-1923) married Catherine Weiler (1856-1924). John Mayer was the first superintendent of the famous Irvine Park. He held this position until his death. Their home address was 1523 Wheaton St., Chippewa Falls, WI.

To this union were born:

Anna Mayer (1885-1963) married John Harings (1879-1964), ?They farmed in Tilden all of their life.

Mathias Mayer (1889-1967) married Becola Lavine (1897-1969). He was a plastering contractor in Eau Claire, WI and Gary, Ind.

Albert Mayer (1891-1953) married Clara Ritter (1904-1969). He was a WWI Veteran U.S. Navy. For many years he was custodian and supervisor of the Chippewa Falls Elk's Club.

Eleanor "Nora" Mayer (1895-1954) married Paul Schultz His occupation was a printer.


Mary Mayer (1858-1941) married Joseph Hebert (1833-1895) born at Yamaska, Providence of Quebec, Canada Joseph Hebert. Sr. purchased the Hebert home near Eagleton in 1856. The family of seven were all born there. Along with farming he was a logging contractor most of his life.

Born to this union were:

Joseph P. Hebert (1884-1954) married Hannah LeTandre (1882-1954). Joseph was an engineer at the Northern Colony and Training School.

William N. Hebert (1886-1956) married Lillian Trudelle (1887-1933). William was Chippewa County Clerk five two-year terms. He was always in real estate until retirement.

Louis P. Hebert (1887-1983) married Emily Boos (1895-1971). Louis farmed and for forty years lived on the Chippewa City farm five miles north of Chippewa Falls.

Marie E. Hebert (1888-1953) married Peter J. Murphy (1883-1946). Marie was a homemaker. Peter was an attorney.

Gilbert A. Hebert (1891-1927) never married. Gilbert served during WWI as a pilot with the air force. Then he was in the automobile business in Oakland, California.

Charles Hebert (1892-1978) married Irene Casper (1895-1977). Charles lived and farmed at the old original Hebert farm at Eagleton all of this life.

Homer Hebert (1895) married Henrietta Gereaux (1894). Homer served with the Artillery during WWI. For ten years he was in the automobile business; for thirteen years as Deputy State Oil Inspector. He then entered the wholesale

funeral home supply-business for twenty-nine years supplying caskets for funeral homes in Wisconsin and Minnesota. His home was at 510 West Grand Ave. in

Chippewa Falls for 52 years. Both he and Henrietta now reside at the Rutledge Home.

NOTE: William and Susan Mayer had twenty-two grand children and all are first cousins. The writer, Homer Hebert, alone survives. It is estimated that the great grand children and great-grand grand children are now several hundred.

My suggestion is that a few of you who are members of the various families make notations so that in the future this type of information is not lost in order that your family history may be continued.


Starting at the extreme eastside of St. Peters Cemetery at a point directly west of the center of the west end of the church, walk west 28 paces to the large brown marble monument with cross on top to Nickalus and Magdolen Meinen.

Walk 5 paces straight north of the monument to the markers of Susan (Mrs. William Mayer)

Walk 7 paces straight west of Susan to William Mayer.

Walk 14 paces northwest of William Mayer to Elizabeth Beitweiler this is a flat stone (no other stones are near).

Walk 14 paces straight north from the Meinen monument to the marker of Susan Mayer.

All of the above named were born in Germany.

This is in memory of my very dear mother Mary (Mayer) Hebert who loved to tell me about St. Peters Church and school days during the 1860's. She loved her many relatives and friends.

Sincere Best Wishes to my many relatives.

Homer Hebert
Rutledge Home
Chippewa Falls, WI.
Phone 715-723-7035


Homer P. Hebert died on December 18, 1995 at the age of 100. While his wife, Henrietta, died on December 13, 1986.