Celebrate Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

This happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Nic Meinen, Sr., of Tilden, who look as though life had been kindly dealt out to them, celebrated their golden wedding and a happy event it was, with relatives and many warm friends with them at Solemn High mass at St. Peter's church in Tilden, where just a half century ago to the hour they were united in the tie that only death will separate.

Rev. Reisterer, now of LaCrosse, but for several years pastor of St. Peter's church, ably assisted by two priests, celebrated the Mass. Among those present were their children, Mrs. John Stoffel and Peter Meinen who reside in the town of Auburn, William, Bernard, Joseph and Louis Meinen, residents of Tilden, and thirty-four grand children. Following the reunition at the church a grand wedding dinner was served at the home of Louis Meinen, with whom the aged couple reside, and in the evening the event was celebrated in a

round of pleasure, dancing being the feature. Mr. and Mrs. Meinen received no end of congratulations upon their success through life and were appropriately remembered in gifts of gold. Their re-marriage yesterday is an event that occurs but once in a lifetime.

Joseph Eder of Tilden was the groomsman fifty years ago and it was in his lumber wagon that the bridal party were taken to the church, then a small mission established five years before. Mr. Eder was present at the celebration yesterday. The bridesmaid of the olden time had passed away, but her memory was recalled. The party yesterday were conveyed quite stylishly in an auto.

When Mr. and Mrs. Meinen came to Tilden there were Indians there, the forest was unbroken, the neighbors few and far between and the hardships many.

(Printed in the Chippewa Falls Daily Independt November 10, 1915 Edition)