The Longoria, Andrada, Barrientos, and Rangel families of Maverick (Eagle Pass), Hays, Bexar (San Antonio) and Burnet counties, Texas

My Great Grandparents Alberto and Francisca (Barrientos) Longoria
This page is dedicated to my maternal grandfather and his ancestry.

Genealogies/Written Works

 Victor and Damaina (Andrada) Longoria

Longoria Family History (PDF 876 K) *

Longoria Family Heraldry


Longoria, Alberto Longoria, Albert Jr. Longoria, Francisca (Barrientos)



longoria_alberto_brothers.JPG (56679 bytes)

Alberto, Higinio, Francisco Longoria, ca 1951 *

longoria_liz_and_rose.jpg (11775 bytes)

Elizabeth and Rosemarie Longoria, ca 1976

longoria_albert_and_jesse_web_09-01-67.JPG (36979 bytes)

Albert and Jesse Longoria, ca 1967

longoria_family_web.JPG (51698 bytes)

Alberto and Francisca Longoria's Children

longoria_victor_family_sm.JPG (44376 bytes)

Victor and Damaina Longoria with nephew *

longoria_alberto_gravepic_06-22-02.jpg (51147 bytes)

Alberto Longoria 1887-1970

longoria_francesica_gravepic_06-22-02.jpg (50254 bytes)

Francisca (Barrientos) Longoria 1902-1968

longoria_frank_grave.jpg (38964 bytes)

Francisco "Frank" Longoria 1932-1969


barrientos_antonia_grave.jpg (18777 bytes)

Antonia Barrientos 1883-1965

barrientos_antonio_grave.jpg (19541 bytes)

Antonio Barrientos 1870-1945

barrientos_margarita_grave.jpg (34987 bytes)

Margarita Barrientos 1914-1944

* Photos and History courtesy  Rudy Longoria

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