Genealogy is a fascinating study into our origins. It is interesting to think about the lives and times of our Ancestors. That is, the decisions, joys, and hardships they had to endure to arrive to a state that gave birth to the present boggles the mind. I can't help but feel that my life has been lived before in their experiences. I hope that the information that I have compiled here, with the help of many family members, can help in the better understanding of our families. 

Below, I have dedicated a web page to each one of my four Grandparents. On each page I have placed a good portion of my compiled genealogical data.   -William

Paternal Grandfather: 

Waldemar Ager

Ager-Pederson Page

Paternal Grandmother: 

Charlotte Yakesh

Yakesh-Stoffel Page


Maternal Grandfather: 

Albert Longoria

Longoria-Barrientos Page

Maternal Grandmother: 

Rosemary Shea

Shea-Heinrich Page

This page contains Links to some of my favorite genealogy web sites.


Excellent surname list. I have a few postings here.
Roots Web
A very large database of queries.
Chippewa Co. Roots Web
I have a posting on this page that has attracted some distant relatives.
Another Excellent surname list.
A pay-to-use site, some databases are free though.'s Social Security Death Index
This is where I found my Grandpa Longoria.