The Becker, Graham, Heinrich, and Shea families of Rock County and Beloit, Wisconsin

James Edward and Louise (Heinrich) Shea Family
Rosemary (my grandmother), Louise (holding David), Edward, Gerry,
Patrica, Jeannine, Tom, and Mary Ellen in Beloit, Wisconsin circa 1940

This page is dedicated to my maternal grandmother and her ancestry.

Written Works

Becker, Heinrich, Graham and Shea History Shea-Heinrich Wedding
Madison Woman Killed in City Accident Letter from Nancy Heinrich
Shea's Barber Shop 50th Anniversary


Becker, Christian Becker, Dorothy (Heinrich) Heinrich, Carl Heinrich, Carl Jr.
Heinrich, Carlsha Heinrich, Duane Heinrich, Louise (Becker)

Graham, Bridget (Gahagan) Graham, Bryan Graham, Patrick Matze, Isabel (Shea)
Mullen, Helen (Graham) Osmond, Agnes (Shea) Rinehart, Catherine (Graham) Ryan, Gertrude (Shea)
Shea, Catherine "Kitty" Shea, Daniel Shea, Edward Shea, Ellen (Haggerty)
Shea, James Shea, James Jr. Shea, John Shea, Joseph
Shea, Julia (Graham) Shea, Mary Shea, William Sullivan, Alice (Shea)

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beckers1.jpg (16180 bytes)

  Christian and Dorothy Becker with daughters 

heinrich_grandchildren.jpg (20219 bytes)

Carl and Louise Heinrich with grandchildren 


heinrich_garden.jpg (23199 bytes)

Carl and Louise Heinrich in their garden

becker_christian_family.jpg (27555 bytes)


Christian and Dorothy (Heinrich) Becker family *


heinrich_louise.jpg (20891 bytes)

Louise Heinrich and Lenore Shea

becker_christian_sr.jpg (24672 bytes)

Christian Becker 1859-1941 *


* Photos courtesy  Carole Cabacungan



shea_daniel.jpg (19648 bytes)

James, John, Daniel, Mary and Dennis Shea


shea_john_family.jpg (110064 bytes)

John Shea Family and Friends 

shea_john_sr_family.jpg (104273 bytes)

John Shea Family *

shea_barber_shop_web.jpg (215680 bytes)

John and James Shea Barbershop *

shea_julia.jpg (14209 bytes)

Julia (Graham) Shea in South Beloit

shea_mulligans.jpg (18937 bytes)

Hap and Nell (Shea) Mulligan with children 

shea_edward_family1.jpg (21063 bytes)

Edward and Louise (Heinrich) Shea Family

* Photos courtesy  Jennifer Selchow



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